Diabetes is one of the commonest disorders that we have come to live with. It affects the eye, the brain, the heart, the kidney and the foot. Every 20 seconds a foot is lost somewhere in the world because of diabetes. 15% to 50% of diabetics develop neuropathy- the root cause of all problems in diabetic foot. 20% of these will develop ulcers in the foot, which leads to infection and amputations.

Ulcers, Neuropathy, Angiopathy, and Charcot Foot are some of the terms your doctor may use with reference to Diabetic Foot. Do you know what these terms mean? Have you asked yourself what it is that you need to know? You will find the answers to these questions here, in very simple language. Read on…

The Five Directives of Managing Diabetic Foot

  • ‘Prevention is better than cure’ should be the slogan
  • Look after your feet as you look after your face. Notice them, pamper them.
  • Do not ignore the signs that your feet reveal to you.
  • Do not delay seeking medical help for any adverse changes you notice in your feet.
  • If you have any pain / itching / sores or other issues on your feet, rest them. Do not override the problems and continue walking as usual