• Neuropathy means damage to the nerves, affecting the proper functioning of the nerves
  • Damaged nerves send unnecessary signals or do not send signals when there is a real danger
  • Neuropathy is the commonest affliction of the foot, causing various complications in Diabetic Foot.
  • Self-examination and early advice goes a long way in preventing complications
  • Surgical options of reversing neuropathy SHOULD be considered in all patients and you may be a candidate for a reversal of the complications of neuropathy.

The Five Directives of Managing Diabetic Foot

  • ‘Prevention is better than cure’ should be the slogan
  • Look after your feet as you look after your face. Notice them, pamper them.
  • Do not ignore the signs that your feet reveal to you.
  • Do not delay seeking medical help for any adverse changes you notice in your feet.
  • If you have any pain / itching / sores or other issues on your feet, rest them. Do not override the problems and continue walking as usual